Freddie Prins joins Aad Prins

As of 1 September, Freddie Prins (22) – daughter of Aad (61) – will join the company, making her the third generation of Aad Prins. Together, it’s their ambition to transform the business into “Aad Prins Bloembollenkwekerij 3.0”.

Freddie will focus on the entire administrative, planning and client-contact side of the business. Furthermore, together with Aad, she wants to innovate the business processes to realise Aad Prins Bloembollenkwekerij 3.0. “We want to stand out from the crowd by providing our clients with a full-service solution, taking tasks in which we excel completely off their hands and shifting the focus onto them. Clients also need ready-to-use products. By ensuring our processes are optimally and efficiently structured, we can respond much more effectively to the needs of the market. This is where we wish to develop our business”, says Aad.

It’s not yet certain whether Freddie will take over the company. “She’s certainly got the ambition,” says Aad, “but first let’s just see how it goes. We’re going to take things one step at a time. Little by little, Freddie will increasingly become the face of the business.”

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