New in assortment

At the flower bulb nursery of Aad Prins you will find a wide variety of Calla flower bulbs. We are always working hard so we can add a few new Calla’s to our assortment each spring.

As of the spring of 2015 we will have a new type of Havanna®, a gorgeously beautiful orange pot Calla with the following characteristics; a long shelf life, very floriferous and an intense orange color.

In 2015 we have penciled in the production of the pot Calla Purple Prince® into our program. No photographs are available yet of this new type because this type was selected from seedlings in 2013. The color is lilac/purple and represents, besides the Paco®, an addition to the pot assortment in this color.

On top of that the Yellow Princess® will be introduced to the market. This is a bright yellow mutant of the Mercedes® type with the same solid characteristics as the Mercedes®.Photos are expected to be available of both these types (the Purple Prince® and the Yellow Princess®) by May 2015. If you would like to get some more information about our new products please contact us via our website.

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