Calla campaign

Simply Calla
Due to the withdrawal of the joint contributions to the Horticulture Marketing Board, proactive Calla promotion ceased as of January 2013. Around six months later a new promotion team was formed to promote the Calla cut flower. The “Simply Calla” promotion is an initiative by (greenhouse) plant breeders and growers of Zantedeschias and Aethiopicas; under the FloraHolland Calla Product Committee umbrella.
Plant breeder Aad Prins is looking to lend more weight to this campaign and provide a financial contribution towards it. We recommend most highly that you browse the Simpy Calla website.

Surprising Outdoors
The Calla is also a tuber with varieties that are eminently suitable for planting or for the pot. Under the banner “Surprising Outdoors” a promotion has begun for the Calla pot plant for the patio or garden. As a plant breeder of these tubers we wish to help promote the Calla as a pot plant. Collaboration between pot plant breeders and tuber plant breeders is boosting this campaign. In 2012 we gave our full endorsement to the “Surprising Outdoors” campaign. The specially designed Surprising Outdoors website is also most assuredly worth visiting.

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