Autumn: time for sifting lily tissue culture

In Autumn, Aad Prins sifts and processes the bulbs grown through lily tissue culture in the greenhouse this season. During the sifting process, the leaves and part of the roots (5cm) are “sawed” off the tray. This makes the sifting process more accurate. The seedlings are also “shaved” immediately to simplify planting in spring and to ensure that the distribution across the beds is optimal. This positively encourages their final growth into scaled bulbs.
An additional advantage is that less space is needed in the cooling units.

Maximum hygiene
Your lily bulbs are processed hygienically:
- During sifting, we make absolutely sure that no viruses are transferred and also ensure that the product is protected against any external influences.
- Clean processing is guaranteed: after every sifted batch the machine is completely decontaminated using approved cleaning agents.
- If required, we can supply the product in a new container provided by the client or, optionally, in a steamed container.

Do not wait too long!
The preparation and planning for the next season are progressing fast. So make sure you send in your orders as soon as possible to guarantee your space in the greenhouse for next year.

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