Aad Prins celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2012!

75 years Aad Prins. 75 years to look back proudly on what was built in those years. Coincidentally, Adrianus Prins – Aad’s grandfather – received the company in Breezand in 1937. Adrianus, cultivator in ‘s-Gravenzande, was on his way to Friesland where he cultivated bulbs in Sint Annaparochie. He had to change trains at the station of Anna Paulowna. In the café near the station, a public sale was being held: the company that is now owned by the third generation of the family. Adrianus bought the company and sent his eldest son, Huub (then 19 years old), to develop the company in the summer of 1937.

How the tulip farm started
Huub started with vegetables, potatoes and some bulbs. Later, the carrots, tulips and narcissus became the main cultivation. It did not take long before he founded the tulip farm. In 1976, son Aad joined the business. In the mid-eighties, father and son started with the cultivation of virus and disease free starting materials for bulb cultivation. It was the beginning of the success story that continues until today. In 2001, the bulb booth ended and the company focused on the cultivation of Callas and starting materials under glass completely. For the most part, Adrianus still lived to see those glory days: he died in September 2010, at the age of 92!

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