The memory of Rein Wijnker lives on: Memories!

Normally, we at Aad Prins are proud to introduce a new race. This pride is partly overshadowed by the loss of one of our partners, Rein Wijnker. Actually, Rein was more than just a business partner: he was a good friend. And most of all, he was someone who worked with heart and soul for the position the Calla now has among the pot plants in the Netherlands. Rein was the Calla specialist at CNB. Unprecedented in his knowledge of the plant and the flower. Tireless in his activities to further refine Calla.

Until the moment he became terminally ill. It was a battle Rein could not win. By losing him, we lost a pioneer in the field of Calla. But what we don’t lose is his creativity to continue on the road he started. And to keep his memory alive, Aad Prins dedicates a new Calla variety to Rein Wijnker. Our newest Calla, exclusively in our possession, is called “Memories”. Appropriately, it is a black Calla. Not the black of mourning, but the black of exclusiveness: the exclusiveness the Calla currently has thanks to the efforts of Rein!

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