New development 7000 square meters of greenhouse ready

The existing greenhouse of 15.000 square meters dates from 2009. Yet the available capacity has already proved too small. Therefore, Aad Prisn Leliecultures has ordered the construction of another 7000 square meters. The new development should reduce the number of different cultivation locations to increase the efficiency of the cultivation process. Until now, the capacity was rented on locations outside Breezand. Currently, we are renting a greenhouse of 5000 m2 in Anna Paulowna. The greenhouse was ready at the beginning of May. The greenhouse was built according to the specifications of the existing part: an 8-meter long lattice girder greenhouse with a leg height of 5 meters was built against the current greenhouse.

Now that the new development is ready, only location remains: a location that is fitted with the most modern facilities. In this way, the cultivation can be done in an environmentally friendly way. The climate circumstances can be perfected by the utilization of fa├žade screen, louse-proof airing and computerized climate regulation. And the logistic trajectory is also more efficient.

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